What is Housing MA ?

Housing MA provides housing data on every municipality in the state, and generates housing needs assessment content for municipal housing planners.

Housing MA is intended to support the larger Housing Production Planning process. The Basic Needs Assessment and Housing Data Profiles are intended to ease the burden and significantly reduce the cost of the data collection, processing, and analysis needed for Housing Production Plans.

The Basic Needs Assessment automatically generates some content for Housing Needs Assessments, required for Housing Production Plans. Most Housing Production Plans will need more content and analysis.

The Housing Data Profile shows hundreds of housing-related indicators for each municipality, and compares the municipality to its neighbors, the county, the region (defined by RPA boundary), and the state. The Housing Data Profile eliminates the need for most of the data collection, processing, and analysis traditionally done for Housing Needs Assessments.


Tables for download from Housing MA Current as of Source
b01002_med_age_acs_m.csv 5yr Avg 2008-12 ACS
b25024_hu_units_in_structure_acs_m.csv 5yr Avg 2008-12 ACS
b25091_b25070_costburden_acs_m.csv 5yr Avg 2008-12 ACS
b25091_b25070_costburden_acs_m.csv 5yr Avg 2008-12 ACS
b25127_hu_tenure_year_built_units_acs_m.csv 5yr Avg 2008-12 ACS
census2010_p5_race_m.csv 2010 Census
demo_population_by_decade_m.csv 1970-2010 Census
demo_population_minorities_00_10_m.csv 2000 and 2010 Census
educ_school_enrollment_by_year_m.csv 2012-13 MA DESE
hous_affordable_sf_sales_m.csv various: 2009-2014 MA Level 3 Parcels (MassGIS)
hous_building_permits_m.csv 2012 Census Building Permit Survey
hous_foreclosures_m.csv 2012 TBF and Warren Group
hous_hh_00_10m.csv 2000 and 2010 Census
hous_hh_fam_00_10m.csv 2000 and 2010 Census
hous_section8_income_limits_by_year_m.csv FY 2014 HUD
hous_shi_m.csv 2013-04 DHCD
hous_table7_18_hh_tenure_affordability_gap_chas_m.csv 5yr Avg 2007-11 CHAS
hous_table7_hh_income_by_cb_chas_m.csv 5yr Avg 2007-11 CHAS
hous_table7_hh_income_chas_m.csv 5yr Avg 2007-11 CHAS
hous_table7_hh_type_by_cb_chas_m.csv 5yr Avg 2007-11 CHAS
projections_hh_by_age_m.csv 2013 MAPC Analysis
projections_hh_m.csv 2013 MAPC Analysis
projections_hhsize_m.csv 2013 MAPC Analysis
projections_hu_demand_by_age_m.csv 2013 MAPC Analysis
projections_pop_by_age_m.csv 2013 MAPC Analysis

Housing Planning Assistance

MAPC helps municipalities create and implement housing production plans, creates and disseminates housing data, prepares housing publications and articles, and produces local and comprehensive community development plans and model zoning bylaws for housing diversity and affordability. Our goal is to support planning for adequate, decent and affordable housing that is near jobs and transportation networks.

If you have questions, or would like to request housing planning services from MAPC, please contact:

Website Assistance

If you've found something amiss with the website, or if you would like some help using the site, please send an email to digital@mapc.org.


Housing MA is an open source software project, its code licensed under the MIT License.

The code, licensed under the MIT License, is available on Github .


Housing MA was built by the Data Services Department of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.

Housing MA was generously supported by the Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program.